The following were submitted in “Guest Books” that had been on
previous memorial pages for Todd.  There have been countless times
when reading these entries I have been reminded of God’s incredible
blessing and gift Todd was to so many.


 Gene and Judy Armento Tuesday, 6/14/05, 1:33 AM

 We are friends of Paul and Dotti Burry from Venture Out. Praying down through the years for Winter Hope and later Todd as he was diagnosed with cancer. He fought the good fight and has gone on to his reward. Praise God for abiding faith and the hope we have in Christ Jesus for eternity together. Our prayers continue for the entire family that God's provision shall be manifest" "I've never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread..." May true religion and undefiled be manifest within this family that the widow and fatherless children be visited... They are not fatherless, as they have a heavenly Father who cares for them, sees their every need and holds each one in the palm of His hand. May Faith, Hope and Love continue to be manifest in the lives of each one of you daily with the greatest of these, His Love abiding with you every moment of every day. In the Love of Christ Jesus, our Blessed Lord and Savior, Gene and Judy Armento

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  Abiding in faith...

  Wendy Santan, niece Thursday, 5/12/05, 7:29 PM

 There are SO many things that I could say about Uncle Todd. He was such a Godly example to me, especially when it came to how a husband and a father should be treating their wife and family. I could see Christ through him, and your whole family (still do!). I remember how he loved music, how he was so kind and loving, how he loved cars, how he checked out my new car when I bought it last year to make sure it was "drivable". and how he always drove our family to the airport when we needed a ride. There are so many things that he did for us! there are so many other things, I could go on and on, but the thing that I think touched me most was how selfless he was. He ALWAYS thought of everyone else first and considered himself last. That is the thing that I loved about him the most. He was such a wonderful man, and a wonderful uncle to me and my brothers, always giving to everyone without a second thought! We all loved and appreciated him so much. We all miss him terribly, I am crying writing this. But I thank God everyday that we will be able to be with Todd again one day, and everyone loved one have gone on before us, and I look forward to that day! I am so thankful that I was able to be there to help give Todd his medicine and help take care of him during his last days, and help you get through this awful time. and I will continue to be there for you guys ALWAYS. I love you and the kids so much. and I just want you to know that I will ALWAYS be here for you. ThankYOU, Wendy, for YOUR testimony and for your family and especially for being a wonderful aunt and friend!

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  he was a Godly example, he always made me smile!

 Barb DiSabato Thursday, 5/12/05, 8:09 AM

 Just wanted to praise the Lord for one of the most God-honoring and beautiful funeral service I have ever attended. Todd's testimony screamed out, but God truly got the glory, because Todd lived for Him. What a precious family you are. God will continue to take care of you--He has promised that. I don't know how I could ever be a help to you, but I'm here for you. Praise God for the testimony you have in this tragic time of loss. How merciful is God to take His children home so they don't suffer more than they have to already. That would be even harder on the family. I love you, sweetie. I'm praying for you all. "Be still and know that I am God." Paul and Dotti, I'm praying for you folks also. Thank God for such a supportive family. You are a dear. Anytime you would like another daughter, you got one!! God bless you both and keep you well. Love you all, Barb DiSabato

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  I realize more and more the importance of a consistent walk with the Lord.

 Candy Ortiz (niece) Thursday, 5/12/05, 12:00 AM

 Todd was a blessing to all he came in contact with. He always remembered the principles Jesus taught in Matthew 22:37-39 (Jesus said unto him, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.") Todd was always a loving and giving person, always seeming to make sacrifices for others. He was kind, loving and cheerful in spirit and I will miss him. It was a blessing to have him as my uncle.

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  He was always cheerful of heart and thought of others before himself.


 Stephanie and Michael Jr. Tuesday, 5/10/05, 6:51 PM

 Dear Wendy and children, How blessed we are as a family to have known both you and Todd and the children? I knew whenever we would meet during church there would be laughter. We enjoyed teaching in Jr. church with you and having you teach our children in Jr. church. Since December Michael Jr. has become such a prayer warrior for Todd. Daily your family was the conversation around our table and daily "Hows Todd" was up on my screen as we looked for an update. It was a blessing for Michael Jr. and I to come and visit last Tuesday before Todd went to be with our Lord and Savior. The testimony that was shared was a blessing to both Michael Jr. and I. Even in the Valley of the Shadow of death, there was rejoicing in the Lord for his answered prayers in your lives. Always remember as in the words of your father's favorite hymn, "God is still on the throne and He will always remember His own." May the Lord hold you and the children close as you go through your time of sorrow. We love you and will continue to pray for you. I Peter 5 :6-11


 Cheryl Tuesday, 5/10/05, 7:53 AM

 Six years ago Wendy and I met online on the Internet ... Wendy had a question about Winter's reflux and aspiration. I happened to be online and my son is the same age as Winter Hope and I was able to help her with an answer. It was a very bitter, cold Winter night as we chatted back and forth. Something struck me that very night six years ago .. we met not by chance but through destiny. And this destiny guided our growing friendship through the years .... we heard of the struggles and triumphs within our families .. our children and how they grew so fast .. our devotion as parents and most of all how Todd was a hard-working family man with old- fashioned family values and ethics. Our friendship, as in marriage, has endured through the good and the bad. My four children and Todd & Wendy's 6 children will grow and prosper by the courage and strength that Todd and Wendy have shown us not only now but every Winter night when it is cold and Hope is shallow. As the seasons change, so will our friendship and its value to those around us. We will endure the hard times and move ahead to prosper with what we have learned from those who have suffered. So silent that night this past Winter when Todd took ill in December. A Winter cold day or night such as when Wendy and I met. May these cold days bring warmth to the future and may we blossom as people pulling from the strength/courage of those around us who have suffered. Just as Winter has shown us hope enduring her reflux battles and Toby, too, Todd will bring us strength to move forward and never let anything get in the way .. nothing is too powerful to overcome. Our destiny will bring us together one way or another and in the process, we will remember those whom we miss the most. Cheryl (ChitChat9)

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  Strength, Courage, Family Values

 Ed Francis Tuesday, 5/10/05, 6:41 AM

 Todd's passing has sobered and softened my heart and I am sure that this is true for most of those that knew him. This morning I read the account in Acts (20:18; 36-38) where the Apostle Paul said his "final" good by to his dear freinds at Ephesus. He called on them to remeber the way in which he lived. Todd has reminded me of the joy, importance and value of family - truly these are the important "things".

 Steve Moore Tuesday, 5/10/05, 6:26 AM

 Sometimes things happen which are beyond our understanding. Loosing Todd is one of those events in our lives. We forget sometimes that we live in a world groaning under the sinful nature of man. The closer we get to the second coming of Christ the more Creation groans under the weight of our sin. Because of the general sin condition of man we are subject to events that God did not intend for us when we were first created. Did Todd's going to be with Him catch God by surprise? Absolutely not! It did us!... but not Him. It is our job to trust in God. He will bring good out of this. I don't know how, what, when or where but He will. Why is not a question to be asked by the faint in heart. Asking why is usually a sign of anger and questioning God of His ways. Releasing our anger and questioning our big God can produce a deep trust and peace. Get angry at God... yell at Him... cry out to Him... question Him ... all with the purpose of following, knowing and trusting Him.. to gain understanding and peace. God has big shoulders. Seek Him with passion to answer the question why... you will not be disappointed. Don't stop seeking and crying out to Him with "why" until you have that peace that passes all understanding. No doubt we will miss Todd. Thankfully we will see him again. Now it is our job to stand with and watch over those who are left behind until that day we all join Todd and our Lord. We love you Wendy, Abe, Nathan, Trina, Tiffany, Winter, and Toby. With much love in Christ, Steve, Maggie, Sandy & Toby.

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  His steadfastness in Christ throught tials and tribulations.

 Michelle Ryan Tuesday, 5/10/05, 5:24 AM

 Dear Wendy, I did not know Todd for very long, but I could see the love for Christ in his life. Watching him with you and the kids, I could also see how much he loved all of you. His sense of humor and smile were so bright and made me feel comfortable from the moment I met him. I recall the bonfire at church when you worked so hard to write out the words to songs and then it was too dark for him to read them. He made due and it was a nice time of songs and fellowship. Based on the short time I knew him, I would offer this -- Todd's testimony for Christ was his love. God used him to reach people through his easy manner and his wonderful family. I will miss getting to know him. My deepest sympathies are with you all as you are grieving the loss of a very kind man. Love and many, many prayers, Michelle "Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee." Psalm 143

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  Friend

 Barbara DiSabato Tuesday, 5/10/05, 5:17 AM

 Whenever I think of Todd, I smile. He kidded with me a lot and always made me laugh. That was a good thing. There are people you want to avoid, but Todd drew you to him. Praise the Lord, he is now without any pain and probably smiling from ear to ear.

 Joy Santan-Todd's sister Monday, 5/9/05, 5:54 PM

 Hi Wendy, Dear Wendy, Todd had a news paper route that didn't allow him to go to church very often and I used to pray that he would be convicted to attend more regularly. Little did I know that not only did the Lord convict him to attend, but the Lord was working thing out so when he did come it was to a young adult meeting that Leo D was hosting. That's where they went around the room and asked everyone to tell when and how they got saved. Todd told me afterwards that he didn't know what to say so he just said he was always saved. I knew then that he needed the Lord so I told him that no one is always saved and there has to be a time that he asks Jesus to save him and that he trusts in the Lord for forgiveness of him sins. He wasn't ready to do that then, so I asked him to come to church that Sunday Morning. Well, not only was the Lord working on him, but Satan was too, because he came down with a terrible cold and wasn't going to come, but through prayer (the Lord convicted me to pray for him all night) the Lord over came Satan's attempt to keep him home and he came and went forward after the service and got saved. He was so glad he came even though he felt miserable. Todd was always the nicest person--he could talk to anyone about anything. When Derek and Brandon were little he always did things with them and took them places. He was the best uncle! He loved kids (as you probably know). Then when my Wendy was born he was so nice to her, too. He always thought of others first. Even when he found out he was dying he was careful to ask me how I was before he told me and then was sorry he had to upset me. He loved singing and listening to hymns. He was so sorry he couldn't sing at my Wendy's wedding. We'll miss him so much!!! Most of all I remember that he loved and appreciated YOU and your children SO much. He never said a bad word about you. He appreciated everything you did and always said you were the best wife and mother. I'm so glad he married you! I know it's so hard and we miss him terribly, too, but (and I'm sure you know this) the Lord promises to be a Father to the fatherless and He promises to be there always for you. Please know that we are praying for you constantly! Much, Much Love, Joy

 Pam Francis Monday, 5/9/05, 5:48 PM

 As I think of Todd¿s life, I¿m challenged. He is a great example to believers and others in so many ways. I love the fact that he so obviously loved his family deeply. I remember him dragging himself to Patch Performances with toothpicks to keep his eyelids open (not really, of course!) to see his kids. He had a ¿respectable¿ reason not to be there and still he was. I appreciate his willingness to do whatever in service. I remember him dressing up like a soldier with Abe and pretending to be David¿s soldier for VBS. He was so ¿real¿ that a couple of kids were actually scared. Ed and I will always remember the generosity your family showed us when we were new to ministry and driving us to the tree farm to get a Christmas tree. I remember Todd always assuming positive about people even when they really had ¿goofed¿. While I can¿t relate to losing a husband as you have, I am happy for you that while God blessed your family with his presence, it was such a good thing. I¿m sorry that it ended so soon, but am grateful that he knew and exemplified the truly important things in life.

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  A great husband to my friend, Wendy


Steve Moore Wednesday, 12/6/06, 8:29 AM

 It's been 1 year & 7 months since you (Todd) went home to be with our Father. It goes without saying but I will say it anyway, we miss you. Our pain is a little less but we still miss you and we will until we, ourselves, are with our heavenly Father. Then there, being all united, will be no more morning or sorrow and all our tears will be wiped away. In case you forgot we celebrate our Saviour's birth around this time of year. This is the second celebration you've missed. As the years role on this time of year becomes more special to us. Family and friends mean more to us then the gift giving. Seeing a little one with wide open eyes on Christmas morning is so so special but you, Todd, get to see and be with our Saviour. We long for that day. We ache for that day but while we are here we will do our best to seek our Lord and celebrate His birth. For He is so good and worthy of our praise. With much love, Steve.

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  His Stability


Gary Moore Thursday, 5/26/05, 5:13 AM

 As a cousin to Wendy, we were blessed with our respective families sharing moments from time to time as the years have passed. Todd always struck me as one who most solidly loved the Lord and did what he could to follow the path of righteousness, as of course has Wendy, with the result being their wonderful family that God created. He always seemed to be happy, with a good attitude towards life in general no matter what. No matter what. That sort of sums it all up doesn't it? It is the times of testing that God calls us to be strong and faithful. I believe from what I have personally witnessed and heard from others, Todd will be able to stand in front of our Lord God and have affirmed that he indeed was faithful to the end. That we could all say that would be a powerful statement to our individual and collective christianity. I believe that this situation will not only be a testimony of what has occurred, but the next several years will show the power of the Lord and how His community stands together with those who have suffered hardship.

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  always looking on the bright side of things...always

 Mariama Salifou Tuesday, 5/17/05, 3:47 AM

 Dear Wendy and family, I just got the news and I am soooooooo sorry. I wish I could be there for you all. But you know that I am there in spirit. May God give you Peace and Courage to carry on the work you have began. Just think , as you said in you letter . He is no longer suffering and he is looking down on you and the kids now Take care of yourself and May God bless, Love you Mariama and Rachida

 Laurie Monday, 5/16/05, 8:01 PM

 Wendy & children, I am a member of iVillage.com. I am so sorry for the loss of your husband & father. May God Bless each and every one of you now, just as He did before, by sending a wonderful man into your lives & forever in your hearts. Amen.

 Carolyn (Hastie) Denlinger Sunday, 5/15/05, 10:00 PM

 Dear Wendy, My mother just told me today about Todd going home to be with the Lord. Had I known sooner, I would have attended Todd's service. Even though we've not seen each other much since high school, I've heard about you and your sweet family through my sister. What a testimony you've had through the years! My heart breaks for you right now, Wendy, and there is no way to even fathom what you are going through. How comforting it is to know that our God will not desert us and that He has promised to give us the grace we need! I pray that you will be able to rest in Him in the coming days, and please know that you will remain in my prayers. Love, Carolyn

   Sunday, 5/15/05, 6:59 PM

 Josetta Sunday, 5/15/05, 10:15 AM

 Wendy, I did not know you or your beloved husband, but I too lost my partner of 6yrs to cancer 3/30/05. We both travel a road that only God can steer and navigate, so be encouraged that the Lord is in control and try to ride this with grace! I will pray for you and your kids tonight ! God Bless

 Eileen Clontz Saturday, 5/14/05, 12:38 PM

 I do a newsletter at Grace Bible Fellowship church of Wallinford, PA. I never had the pleasure of meeting your husband but since the beginning of Todd's illness I listed Todd and your family for prayer and received updates from my neice, Wendy Harron, who informed me weekly of your prayer concerns. I am sadened to hear of your great loss and pray that you will sense the Lords strength and comfort during this difficult time. God Bless Bud & Eileen

Loretta Williams Wednesday, 5/11/05, 8:27 PM

 "His understanding is unsearchable," has much more meaning to me now. But also I am wiser about what true faith is, as demonstrated by Todd and Wendy. It took me some time to figure out that Todd's death is not meant as a punishment for those of us still here... a trial instead. As heart-wrenching as it is, God means to use Todd's life and death to draw us closer to Him and each other. Well, I honestly want and need my Lord God closer to me -- now more than ever. With a grateful, tender, and sad heart I thank Him for this opportunity. Wendy, your and Todd's friendship has been such a blessing to Mike and I, and we love you and the kids very very much, and always will. We will miss Todd.

 Roy & Beth Fisher and Family Wednesday, 5/11/05, 5:12 PM

 Dear Wendy, Abe, Nathan, Trina, Tiffany, Winter, and Toby, We cannot even begin to express the sadness that fills our heart for all of you. Yet, at the same time, we feel great joy knowing that Todd is no longer in pain and is with his Lord and Savior. We were on our way to Greenville, SC to pick Leigh Anne up from BJU on Friday morning. While I (Beth) was driving and the rest of the family was sleeping, I heard the following song, which brought many tears to my eyes and quiet sobs to my throat. I thought immediately of Todd and your family. At the time, Todd was still here on earth, but the Lord knew he would be coming home to be with Him later in the day. Safely Home.... Children, precious children, I know you're shaken, a loved one taken. Oh, but hear Me, come draw near Me. Their pain is past now. They rest at last now...safely home. They are strong and free. They are safe with Me. This life is merely shadow. Today there's sorrow, but joy tomorrow...safely home. They are strong and free. They are safe with Me. One day, you will join them. Altogether, this time forever...safely home. We will continue to hold you up in prayer and are always here for all of you. Love in Him, Roy, Beth & family

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  Dependable husband and father who always wore a big smile!

 Lauren Van Wyk Wednesday, 5/11/05, 4:30 PM

 To our family, the Radles were the picture of what a Christian family should be. As we observed them week in and week out at church, we saw a family who loved each other and thoroughly enjoyed serving the Lord together. I will always remember them pulling into the church parking lot in their big red van; and as they piled out one after the other, we were certain to see smiles on all seven faces. . . Todd, Wendy, Abe, Nathan, Trina, Tiffany, and Winter. (For us¿the typical family who found Sunday mornings a very hairy time¿that made quite an impression!) This will remain one of my fondest memories of their family. When I think of Todd, I will remember a man who seemed to have the ¿joy of the Lord¿ as His strength. Even in difficult circumstances, Todd seemed to remain joyful . . . singing with gusto in church, laughing with his children, and always smiling. After spending an evening with them for dinner, I remember Brandon and I saying, ¿This is what we want for our family.¿ One couldn¿t help but notice the happiness, love, and unity that filled their home. It doesn¿t seem hard to picture Todd in heaven with his Lord; we only have to imagine his typical joyfulness magnified a thousand-fold! I picture him there holding his little one who went on before him, singing with enthusiasm, and smiling from ear to ear! Wendy, you and Todd have taught us much by your example; and I know that the Lord will use you to carry on the family legacy you both began together. Thank you for your willingness to accept God¿s plan for your life, even with the pain and heartache. Your faith is a testimony to the immeasurable grace of God, and so many lives have already been touched as a result of your family¿s testimony through this extremely difficult trial. We love you and are praying earnestly for you and your children.

 +Kathy and Woody Woodrow Wednesday, 5/11/05, 3:20 PM

 Leslie Hollandsworth Wednesday, 5/11/05, 2:42 PM

 Wendy, We Are praying for you and the children, knowing that God will give you His grace to sustain and keep you. We praise the Lord for your testimony during this difficult time. If we can be of any help feel free to contact us. Love in Christ, Pastor and Leslie Hollandsworth

 Cherylann Hostler Wednesday, 5/11/05, 1:57 PM

 Wendy, Dad just told me about Todd's passing. I am so, so sorry Wendy. My heart is breaking for you and the children, and if there is absolutely anything we can do for you guys, please don't hesitate to ask. We will be praying faithfully for you all.

 Pastor Bill Welzien Wednesday, 5/11/05, 10:20 AM

 I am a friend of Paul and Dotti's. I never had the opportunity to meet Todd but our congregation has had the family in prayer for the last several weeks. This morning, May 11th we met and prayed for the grieving family and friends and prayer the the Pastor would make the gospel very clear at the funeral service. We will continue to remember all of you before the Lord and pray He will Himself to you all as the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort. 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 May Jesus Christ be praised!

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  Keys Evangelistic Ministries

 Kathy and Bob Reichenbach Wednesday, 5/11/05, 3:35 AM

 Dear Wendy, and children, Thank you so very much for sharing Todd's story with us. Though we did not know Todd and your family as we have lived down here for 25 years now, we have continued always to pray for you all , and for your Mom and Dad , and for the rest of the "Burry" family. How grateful we are for the Godly influence your parents were for us, and for their loving God so much that they lived Titus 2:1-7, so that we could see what the real love of Christ was, and then choose to live for Him. Yes , we prayed faithfully for Todd, and you , and your family , but we also committ to you all that we , each day, will continue to pray for all of you . We still love you, and are so glad that we all will be together one day , for eternity. Meanwhile, we will "keep on , keeping on" and pray earnestly for all of your needs. Love in Christ always, Bob and Kathy and family John 13:34,35 Jude 24,25

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  Another example of a faithful brother and sister in Christ , and of how we all need to make every day count for the Lord , and our family , and to live for the Lord to also be a faithful servant .


Leah LaPalombara Tuesday, 5/10/05, 6:48 PM

 I remember Mr. Radle as a loving and caring Sunday School teacher and father. During Sunday School, when it was mostly just me and his children, he made the lessons fun! I remember going over the Radle's house many times and the entire family would treat me as part of their family! I also remember Mr. Radle leading the Sunday singing up in front and him always singing with a joyful heart! Please know Mrs. Radle that I am praying for you and your children! It gives me much joy to know that Mr. Radle is with Jesus right now!

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  Showed me the love of Jesus

 Faith Tuesday, 5/10/05, 6:01 PM

 My dear friend, With a heart that is breaking for you and the kids; I just want to say how much Todd will be missed!! It is funny how we all(me, you, and Todd) got to be friends. Todd through AWANA, and you through school. I will never forget all the good times we had, yes it may have been completly different times but as we use to sit and talk at church it was all great times!! I will miss Todd, but the frienship will never end and the memories will never be lost!! And hey, if you and the kids still eat turkey; I will do all the cooking!! Love you Wendy; try to stay the strong positive person that I always admired about you.

 Debby Norton (Vail) Tuesday, 5/10/05, 5:04 PM

 Even thouogh we were not related by blood I have always loved you as my Uncle. I will miss you very much and I will always Love You. Thank you for making an infleuence on my life.

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  His love for everybody and the Lord

 Paul & Lois Matter Tuesday, 5/10/05, 3:22 PM

 We are friends of Paul and Dottie and have been praying for Todd, Wendy and family for many months. We rejoice with you that Todd is with his Savior; however, we know that he has left a huge void in your lives. May the Lord lift you up today and each new day, giving you strength and courage to continue on. You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

 CleEtte Dowling Swymer Tuesday, 5/10/05, 11:32 AM

 Todd I barly knew you or your wife. I am sure I met you at BBC. I just prayed for you and your family often. What a great testimony you all are. I am happy you, Todd are with Jesus now. I will still be praying for you,Wendy, and all of your family. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of all his saints."

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  May 9 2005

 Patti Tuesday, 5/10/05, 11:24 AM

 Wendy, I heard about Todd's illness and passing from MG and Cheryl. I'm so sorry to hear all that your family has gone through. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Patti

 Lois and Bob Stimeare Tuesday, 5/10/05, 10:05 AM

 Unfortunately we didn't know Todd personally but we feel that we have come to know him and his character and his love for the Lord through the updating emails forwarded by Paul and Dottie. These a llowed us to go into the presence of the Lord through prayer for Todd and it helped us to draw closer and closer to him and his family. We look forward to seeing Todd alive in the presence of Jesus some day when we all rally together in heaven. Love in Christ Lois and Bob

 Matt Woolfrey Tuesday, 5/10/05, 8:38 AM

 Todd was, for a year or so, the Sunday School teacher for the adolescent boys at Bible Baptist. I was lucky enough to have been in his class at that time. The thing that stands out in my memory about Todd was his gentle approach to spirituality. He was always humble in communicating the message of Christ without harshness or force. He was a softhearted informant who would share the message by encouraging rather than dictating. I can't remember Wendy and Todd ever once showing condescension or judgment. That's what a true Christian is to me, someone who sticks to their beliefs but has compassion for others whether or not they believe exactly the same. Of all the people I encountered at West Chester Christian and Bible Baptist, their testimonies of benevolence and steadfastness stand out like bonfires in a room full of candles.

 What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  the true definition of "Christian"


Uncle Jim Keegan Monday, 5/9/05, 5:33 PM

 I'm Sorry to say that I didn't get to know him very well, but his continued faith in our Lord through all his trials was indeed a blessing to me. And his illness and his Faith, opened opportunities for me to tell others of our Lord. When they're unsaved, they just don't understand. Trust in His promises. God will bless you and provide your needs.


Marti Tuesday, 9/4/07, 6:42 PM

 Wendy, this is such a wonderful way to honor Todd. He must have many jewels in his crown, and he certainly would be proud of you. Your friend, Marti

 Email:  marti@marticoley.com


Betty Goldsworthy Sunday, 8/19/07, 12:31 PM

 What happened in your life Wendy, still floors me today. God is indeed a good God to hold both you and Todd in the painful beginning of Todd's last days with us, and God is a Great God to be holding you and your dear ones still. He will never turn His back or walk away from you, any of you. He is the Solid Rock. He is the Safe Place to grieve. God is the steadfast Beginning and Completion of all our deepest hopes and dreams. In God, Todd came into your life. In God, your dear ones were born to you. In God, you will be reunited with Todd. All that is most meaningul to you has come your way through your relationship with God. Romans 8:35-39 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? [shall] tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. So like you Wendy, may my heart brim with gratitude for the blessings we have already experienced, the Steadfast Mercy we safely dwell in this day, and the future that He weaves for us, that flows from His Everlasting Mercy and Everlasting Love. (((((((((((Wendy)))))))))))! Love, Betty

 Email:  bgoldsworthy@salud.unm.edu

What influence, if any, has Todd had in your life  That's a fair question, but difficult to answer..A few words come to mind: pervasive...profound....monumental......

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