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The following is a letter I wrote to Todd the day before his funeral.  It was read during the service.



My Dearest Todd:                                         May 11, 2005


It’s hard for me to sit here and write this knowing that you are not

sitting in the next room reading a story to Winter or holding Toby in

your arms. You left us way too soon, but you left us so much to follow

and so much to remember. I promised you we would continue to teach the

children about God and making right choices, just how you have always

done. I thanked you over and over for being the best husband and best

father anyone could ever want. I also thanked you for your clear

testimony of accepting Jesus as your only way to heaven, so that we can

be assured where you are at this moment. I know you are rejoicing and

have no pain, but there are just a few things I want to add in my thanks to



Thank you, my love, for loving me and caring for me the way you did. You

never thought of your needs until my needs and the children’s needs were

met. You were always looking for ways to spend more time with me and the

children, and there was never a time I didn’t feel your love for

me....even when I was angry or upset with you, knowing I won that

argument and you would never admit it!

Thank you for all the smiles and good laughs we shared. You had a way of

making everyone smile, no matter how much you were hurting or feeling

sad. You loved people, and it showed in the unique way you were able to

hold a conversation with any age, any race, any social class, and any



Thank you for being such a hard worker. The sacrifices you made in order

to do your job the right way, the long hours, the physical discomfort,

going to work with the flu and even with the pain you had from the cancer

more recently, all were a testament of your dedication to the job, and

ultimately your dedication in providing for your family. We appreciate

all that hard work and love you for it as well.


Thank you for loving God and leading us spiritually as you did. You were

always so wise. The devotions you had with us will forever be etched in

our minds. We appreciate the practical applications to the Scripture, and

some of our fondest memories will be those times when you would test to

see if we were listening, by saying the opposite of what you meant in

order to see if we would correct you. Remember the time Jonah was

swallowed by that yellow submarine? Where did you ever come up with that



Now I have to say goodbye. This is the hardest part. I know we did this

many times, and I know we will see each other again one day in heaven,

but I miss you so much, and the pain in saying goodbye feels at times

unbearable. Our home is not the same. There’s an empty space at the

dinner table, a parked van in the drive way, more books to be read, more

lectures to be made, an un-used pillow on the bed, and a husband and a

father who is no longer present with us. There was so much we wanted to

do, and so many plans we had made. I love you with all my heart, my dear

Todd, and I always will. Thank you for being such a great husband and

father. With all my love, and with many tears, I begrudgingly say goodbye

for a time. I’m anxiously awaiting the return of Jesus and to see you

again, with many thanks to God for the years spent with my friend, lover,

best buddy, spiritual leader, and confidant, ...Wendy