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When you’re going through grief, I have found:


~You need your rest.

~You need to eat right, even when you don't feel like it.

~You should get a physical (even if for your own piece of mind)

~You should never look too far ahead....just get through the next hour, then the next day.


When You're Trying to

Help Someone Going Through Grief:


First remember this..."Grief is not a problem to be cured. It's a statement.  A statement that you love someone."



~Let us cry.

~Give us "space" (It's ok if we want to be alone)

~See what needs to be done without asking, "What can I do to help?"

~PRAY for us!



~Ask "How are you?"

~Tell us you understand.

~Forget to pray for us!



"Thank you, for giving to the Lord...I'm so very glad you did!"


There are so many to thank.  First, I want to thank God for His strength, His grace, HIs provision, His faithfulness, and His goodness.  God is foremost to be praised and glorified above all these people who He used to help me through this difficult time.


Family:  Thank you all.  I have received tremendous support from my family.  I want to specifically thank my sister-in-law and her family.  Kim, your sisters, and especially Kelly, were my stronghold and support during those last weeks of tremendous pain watching Todd suffer and die. Thank you for being here.

Thank you, Kelly, for being my heart and mind those days after Todd died.  Thank you for all your leading, encouragement, and decision-making.

Thank you, Sue, for all you did to make it possible for Todd to come home those last months of his life.  Thank you for sitting that entire day by my side as Todd underwent surgery.  Thank you for so tenderly and lovingly caring for Todd when I was unable.

Thank you, Mom, Vicki, and Dad, for your help with the children while I was away with Todd at NIH.  Thank you for the peace of mind you gave in taking such good care of my hurting children.  Thank you for holding Toby for hours.  Thank you for keeping the "home fires going."

Thank you Wendy and Joy, for your support those last days and Wendy for your help in those areas where I was weak, in caring for Todd when he was so sick.


Pastors:  There were so many!  Thank you, Pastor Griffith, for the encouragement on the phone, for the many prayers, for your faithfulness to God's Word, and for your God-honoring message and song at the funeral.  Thank you for marrying Todd and I, teaching us those many years, and for your continual pointing me to God and His Word.  Thank you, Mrs. Griffith, for being here that Thursday before Todd died, talking to the children, and being so tender and caring toward our family.  Your love for all of us visibly poured out and made us all feel specially loved and cared for that day.


Thank you, Pastor Ascher, for your willingness to come that Sunday before Todd died, to help us talk to the children.  Thank you for your words of encouragement and pointing us all toward heaven that day.  Your words from Psalm 23 will always, always be remembered and cherished.  We still talk of them now.  "There is no such thing as death for your Dad."  Thank you for that reminder, as Todd is very much alive in heaven today,


Thank you Pastor Mike, Pastor Brad, and Pastor Dave for your frequent visits and words of encouragement.


Friends:  I want to express my many thanks for so many of you who have diligently prayed for us and sent monetary gifts.  The list is too long to print here.  So many of you made precious phone calls, were so encouraging and uplifting, and diligently prayed for me, and I want to be sure each of you know how special you are and how thankful I am for each one of you.  Out of the long list, there are two I want to name and publically thank for their friendship.

First, my dear and very special "email buddy" from New Mexico.  She has been and continues to be a great source of wisdom and encouragement.  She called me often during those difficult days of Todd's diagnosis and battle with cancer, answering tough questions about Todd's health and reminding me of a God who loved me and was caring for me.  Despite the physical miles that separated us, I felt her close beside me, every step of the way.  And she continues to be here.  Thank you so very much, my dear friend.

Second, my loyal and faithful friends, Loretta and Mike.  After the funeral is over and the days pass, everyone needs to get back to their busy life styles, and things seem to continue on as "normal" in their lives.  But our lives will never be "normal."  Loretta knew that.  She and her husband have sacrificed their time, rearranged schedules, and have devoted a part of their lives to us.   We look forward to their weekly visits.  Mike typically has a long list of things to do with and for the children and myself.  Loretta has answered countless phone calls filled with tears and pitiful stories from me.  She listens, encourages, and gives helpful advice.  Thank you guys, for not giving up on us, and for sacrificially giving of yourselves to help us through this time.  You may never know until eternity how much you guys mean to us.  Thank you.




Immanuel Baptist Church....thank you for your help, your prayers, and your encouragement.


Bible Baptist Church of West Chester....thank you for your love and prayer support.  The many gifts of love proved to show us God's love and care during this time.  Thank you.


Chichester United Wesleyan.....thank you for a "soft landing" when we were searching for a new church home.  You all meant a lot to us, and God used you in a special way during our brief stay with you.  Thank you.


Chadds Ford Baptist....thank you for acccepting us into your "family."  We thank God for such a loving and kind place to worship God.  Thank you for your encouragement and help.  We thank God for you!